Dance Convention

Are you ready for the ultimate day of dance?

Coming March 2020

Be prepared for an all day dance event offering instruction from industry professionals. Come out from your shadow and unmask your potential from some of the best.

You will experience and explore different dance styles through our workshops. You will be challenged to push yourself to new heights and gain the knowledge you will need for your passion for dance. All ages are welcomed and all the dancers will be grouped together. All the workshops will be taught at an intermediate to advanced level.

The Convention will end with an awards ceremony.

The convention is split up into two components:

Component #1 FULL DAY
If dancer participates in full day event, they will get the opportunity to create your day schedule by selecting FOUR different workshops that they would like to attend. Lunch will be included and dancer will qualify for the end Awards Ceremony.

Component #2 HALF DAY
If the dancer chooses to participate in the half day option, they will have the opportunity to create their own schedule as well by selecting TWO different workshops. Lunch will not be included and the the dancer will NOT qualify for the Awards Ceremony at the end of the day, but is more than welcome to attend.