Dance Classes

Why choose us for Dance Classes in Belleville?

We simply provide an affordable dance experience, with our qualified instructors and choreographers. We welcome beginners to advance levels in the genres of Hip Hop, Breakdancing (Tricks), Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz Funk and Acrobatics. Our instructors are highly motivated, inspiring and thrive on acceptance of all athletes, not to forget to mention that they are fun!

If you are an experienced dancer, our Competitive dance program hosts tryouts every year during the month of May. If you’ve missed the month of May, an appointment can be made and through our registration office to arrange a private tryout with one of our lead Competitive instructors (a fee will apply).

If you choose to dance with us, you will enjoy the experience of being a super star on stage at the end of the season’s dance performance, the first weekend in May of every year.

Our full dance season is available September to May.

Our Location

We offer 3 state of the art spacious dance studios and parents can enjoy a self-serve café while they wait for their athlete/s to finish their class/es.

Our location is fun for the whole family. From pizza weeks, decorate your own cookie week, bring a friend to class and our popular bring a parent to class week. There is something for everyone. Check out our calendar on our website for our popular events and activities throughout the year.

Dance is for everyone! It teaches us perseverance, teamwork, dedication, confidence and passion. Join our family today and have the ultimate dance experience! Check out our classes and then see our schedule for nights and times available.

Please see below for description of classes and CONTACT US FOR OUR FEE INFORMATION.

Our Dance Classes

First take note: All classes are available for a full season with the exception of Little Hipsters (3-4 years)
All students must be registered by November 15 of each year to participate in our May performance.

Hip Hop – an urban commercial style of dance in which we specialize in and that is popular within our studios. Students learn cutting-edge dance moves and perform a choreographed routine for our end of the season performance.
Little Hipsters (3-4 years -January-May ONLY), Pre (5-7 years), Junior (8-10 years), Intermediate (11-12 years) and Senior (13 years +) are available.

All Boys Combo Classes - specifically designed to introduce and highly motivate boys to dance. It includes both hip hop and breaking genres. In this class, boys will learn a choreographed routine and explore the creative elements of breakdancing, we call tricks.
Pre Tricks and Hip Hop (5-7 years) and Junior/Intermediate Boys Tricks and Hip Hop (8-12 years) are available.

Acrobatics – this is a style that requires flexibility and strength. Students will focus on upper body and core strengthening skills to develop the unique movements that are used during this genre. We incorporate their gym skills into a dance routine during the season. Gymnastics is an asset and we encourage students to participate in a gymnastic program as well.
Junior (7-9 years) and Intermediate (10-13 years) classes are available.

Contemporary – a beautiful expressive dance style. It uses modern slower dramatic movements to share its message. Students learn a choreographed routine and learn to develop emotional expression during their dance classes.
Senior (ages 13 year +) is available.

Lyrical – a delicate, precise and technical style of dance. Students learn to move slowly and gracefully in this genre. Ballet is encouraged and recommended if the student wishes to progress in this style. Ballet tech classes are offered for all students registering for this genre.
Junior (6-9 years) and Intermediate and Senior combined (10 +) are available.

Jazz Funk – a mixture of jazz and hip hop. This fun and high energy dance shows sass, and confidence. It motivates students to express themselves and come out of their shell.
Junior (6-9 years) and Intermediate (10-13 years) are available.

Ballet Technique – this is a non-performance class, yet a required technique for the serious dancer. Ballet is an asset and creates elements the dancer requires to improve their technique and increase their level of ability in dance. This is available for all students who wish to progress in dance. This is not recommended for young dancers who are just being introduced to dance.

Leap and Turns/Stretch and Flex – this technique improves the dancer’s ability to heighten and increase their movements. It is an asset to the dancer who wants to take their dance to another level. This is available for all students who wish to progress in dance. This is not recommended for young dancers who are just being introduced to dance.

Ambassadorz Leadership Dance Crew – designed to allow dancers the opportunity to develop leadership skills for the future. They represent our organization and perform at local community events. It is a one year commitment and it’s by invitation only! Students must be registered for one or two of our programs for more than a year before they are selected.

Competitive Dance Teams – for serious dancers only. Competitive teams are offered in the genres we offer. Tryouts are available every May or by appointment only. Inquire at our studio for more details.

Skyhawks Hype Crew – the Skyhawks biggest fan base starts here. The Hype Crew will pump up the crowd before and during our Junior and Senior Varsity Football Games as the teams play on their home turf. The members of this crew will dance, perform tricks and shout to the crowd to create a high energy of fun for the players, families and friends. Tryouts are in March.

Adult Hip Hop Workshops – the ultimate dance experience for adults. See JG Choreography on Facebook and inquire with Miss Justine Gabriel.